What you’ll find here

This is the online home of Hailey Cain and Sarah Pribek. Not sure which series to start with? Sarah is a Minneapolis missing-persons detective; her books, The 37th Hour and Sympathy Between Humans, are more likely to appeal to those who like traditional hardboiled procedurals. Hailey is a former West Pointer living in Los Angeles; her relationship to the world of law-and-order is a good deal more complex. Both fictional detectives have their own pages, with excerpts from the novels, as well as an “Origins” essay for each.

Also here: My “Reading Room,” which I started in lieu of a blog. There, the “Origins” pieces on Hailey and Sarah, a piece of early short fiction, and “Nick Carraway, PI,” about the way that “The Great Gatsby” can be read as an early noir novel.

You’ll notice that I sometimes write in a q-and-a format; both the “Origins” pieces are done in this way. The reason for this is, some people’s reaction to the word “essay” is, “Uh, no thanks; I just remembered an urgent appointment elsewhere.” The q-and-a format is just quicker-moving and lighter on its feet without sacrificing interesting content. And it allows for a touch of humor. I hope.