What you’ll find here

I’m currently redesigning this site, and if I do my job right, this is a place where you can learn about my two fictional detectives, Sarah Pribek (The 37th Hour, Sympathy Between Humans) and Hailey Cain (Hailey’s War, Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot) and decide which character/series to start with.

The downside to the re-design is that, if you’ve visited in the past, you might notice that some content is currently missing. By the end of June 2019, I hope to be back up and running with the following:

  • pages for the Hailey Cain novels and the Sarah Pribek novels
  • excerpts from all four books
  • the short pieces “Origins: Hailey Cain” and “Origins: Sarah Pribek”
  • the “Reading Room,” where you’ll find some of my posts on fiction in general, including “Nick Carraway, PI,” which is about how The Great Gatsby can be read as a noir with narrator Carraway as a detached gumshoe figure
headshot of jodi compton, who is unbelievably attractive

You’ll notice that I sometimes write in a q-and-a format; both the “Origins” pieces are done in this way. The reason for this is, some people’s reaction to the word “essay” is, “Uh, no thanks; I just remembered an urgent appointment elsewhere.” The q-and-a format is just quicker-moving and lighter on its feet without sacrificing interesting content. And it allows for a touch of humor. I hope.

Me? Thanks for asking. I’m from California, and have lived a lot of my life there, including some of the state’s most appealing cities, like San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. I also studied journalism at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, so lived in Minneapolis for nearly three years. Both Minnesota and California serve as settings for my books, but now I live in Bend, Oregon, where I can occasionally be found doing stand-up comedy.